PROFILE has existed since 1999 and has since grown into a network organization with a permanent core of professionals in the areas of change management, internal communication, research, training and coaching. We now have a lot of experience with digitization: Digital workplace, OKR (Objectives and Key Results), Workflow, Brand management and Customer Support (CRM).
Jeroen Prnk

Jeroen Pronk

Lead consultant 

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Jeroen has been working in the field of internal communication since 1992. "I like to work on changes that make organizations better, faster and cheaper.

Over the coming years, organizations will have to deal with fundamental changes.


The existing IT application landscape will change in many organizations. How can you involve employees in meeting this challenge?

Betrokken advisers

The advisers in the work are all strong communicators. They can deal with resistance and are enthusiastic.


"Let us know, then we will set up a meeting! We like to share the experience from This type of conversation helps to generate ideas."

Jeroen Pronk, Lead Consultant

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